by Oh Dear!

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Previously released songs, revisited.


released June 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Oh Dear! Tacoma, Washington

Oh Dear! is comprised of Brandon Sagnella (vocals, guitar), Justin Martin (guitar), Jacob Gosselin (drums), Samuel Franklin (drums) and Blake Johnston (bass).

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Track Name: Power Shark (Acoustic)
In the night time
I wait around for someone to call me, whats new?
There's a sad song
Yeah well everybody's singing it now but, where did it come from?
Did I take too long?
I tend to blow it all with the timing, that's my thing.

I wont hold it back
Yeah its been a long time coming now.
I wont hold my tongue,
No I want to leave it hanging out.

Can't you tell I want you baby, do you want me?
Track Name: Something Decent to Say (Acoustic)
It's so hard to change, darling I want to, know that I want to.
Once it's figured out, the slate will be clean, and new.
But it's hard to keep jealousy out every day,
Or to always have something even decent to say.
When the willingness to compromise turns desire to detach,
It gets easier to shrug off any good things that have passed.

So I hide up in my head, away from these friends,
Where this emptiness makes sense,
And the thoughts of what I've traded to stay all alone,
Stands like a column of stone.

Love acts as a mirror polished to shine,
Some reflection of failures I want to hide.
Even trying to be careful doesn't guarantee a thing.

In every single story told, I can't help from hearing my own.
I think everything revolves around me,
I will drag you down.
When I get back home from work, there's a need to lay back down.
Nothing sounds like it's worth the while,
I will drag you down.
When the good nights come around, there's an expectation they'll stay,
But they're always going to go away,
I will drag you down.
All the sweetest things we've said, are going to vanish like a magic pen.
I will only have myself to blame,
Once I drag you down.